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About Podcast Game Show

What the heck is Podcast Game Show?

Well, it’s a game show on a podcast, duh.
Actually it’s much more than that. PGS is the first trivia quiz show built exclusively for your ears. We honor pop culture, movies, tv, geography, technology, and all the quirky and interesting factoids floating around the universe.

Podcast Game Show is not a game show about podcasts, but sometimes our contestants do have their own shows too.

Where did this idea come from?

I’m Brandon Beeyard, the host and creator of PGS (more about me below). In 2015 I decided to create a podcast that I was dying to hear but couldn’t find anywhere–a real game show where contestants could answer trivia questions and win prizes—and…ta da! PGS was born.

It is my goal to create a fun experience for you, the listener, and for the contestants. I’m always tweaking the show and trying to make it better.

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